Straight Shot Metal Smashing!

Now that I am getting back into the blogging thing after my short break I wanted to thank Beka at The Owls Approve for the lovely charms she made for me. Beka has a shop on Etsy called Straight Shot Metal where she makes custom bridle charms, bracelets etc. I ordered one bridle charm with a Latin phrase (Fortunam Iuuare) which translated means “fortune favors the bold”. I am a history nerd and also need a little reminder now and then to be braver, especially when I’m jumping. Beka kindly sent me 2 charms and a key chain! I am super impressed with them. They are really well made and I have been riding in them for a few weeks now. I am using one on my saddle and another on my jumping bridle. I like them because they are unique. I love skulls and edgier stuff and these charms are awesome. I have been eyeing her dinosaur charms because well, dinos are awesome. Everyone should go and check out her site. Thanks again Beka!



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