Kastel Denmark Charlotte sunshirt review

I really don’t know how I rode in the summer before I found Kastel Denmark shirts. I prefer to wear long sleeve shirts as much as possible but in the summer here it gets really freakin hot. In Eastern Canada it is usually around 20-25 degrees Celsius in July and August and can feel much hotter with the humidity. Last summer I was mostly wearing t-shirts and some long sleeve Champion shirts I had. Both were ok but the Champion shirts were a little too hot for anything over 20 degrees and I hate wearing sunscreen and then sweating so the t-shirts weren’t ideal ether. I started seeing more and more people riding in sun shirts and I started researching. I tried the Tailored Sportsman Icefil, Under Armour Heat Gear and the Champion ones and I liked them all but only the TS came close to keeping me cool on the really hot days. I sweat. A lot…So I kept looking.

I read Amanda at the $900 Facebook Pony’s review on the Kastel Denmark Charlotte shirt and I knew I had to try them. Amanda has not steered me wrong on a tack review yet. I purchased four of the Charlotte shirts from Riding Warehouse (they special ordered 2 colors for me and are the nicest people to work with) and I’m in love. I have the peach/white, navy/white, black/navy and royal blue/white. I have been wearing the shirts for over a month now and they are really perfect in all weather conditions (maybe not blizzards). They are great for slightly cooler weather, around 15-18 degrees. For warmer rides the meshy material on the underside of the arms cools you off as soon as the slightest breeze hits it. It has been pretty hot here, 25- 27 degrees and I was fine. I have ridden in them for jumping lessons, hacks, schooling and barn work and I don’t feel any different than wearing short sleeves. They are actually better because when a breeze hits the mesh it really does cool you down. I have been living in them since I got them. I still wear my TS one but only when all my Kastel shirts are dirty and I’m too lazy to do laundry.

The white shirt is an Ariat show shirt also purchased from Riding Warehouse and the others are two of my Kastel shirts.




I can’t recommend these shirts enough!


7 thoughts on “Kastel Denmark Charlotte sunshirt review

  1. Riding Warehouse has really fast shipping. My stuff usually comes in 3-5 days which is great from the States. There was duty but even with the duty and exchange the shirts were a couple bucks cheaper than they are at Bahr here in Canada. I have a great website that calculates duty too so there are no surprises. I can post it if you are interested. 🙂


  2. I want a sunshirt bad, but haven’t been able to justify the cost of one yet. I make do with Coppertone’s Sport spray on sunscreen. Love the stuff. I don’t even feel like I am wearing sunscreen. It dries quickly, and doesn’t give the greasy feel or nasty smell of traidtional sun screens.

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