Weekend and lesson recap/ sorry I have been MIA

So this is an old post from 2 weeks ago that I drafted but didn’t get around to posting. Life got really way too adult for me and I had no time to blog and honestly I just didn’t feel like it. Anyway things are back on track now and I figured I would post this anyway since I wrote it. I will be getting back to keeping up with this blog this week. Thanks to anyone that is still reading. 🙂


Last week due to the Canada Day holiday (Happy Canada Day all) I only had one lesson on Thursday. It was a private and it had some really good moments and some really bad ones. I had a good talk with my coach after and I am going to try to focus on the positive parts of each lesson/ride and not dwell on the bad. The bad parts were my hunchy shoulders have returned over fences and my none-committal distance finding caused RB to run out on a fence and another time I pulled him out because I thought our distance would be dangerous. My coach confirmed it was not in fact dangerous. Sigh. I’m trying not to be hard on myself because I am learning still and until a few months ago we were only consistently jumping cross-rails so 2’3 is way different and harder and I have a wonderful, tolerant horse who never holds a grudge. Positivity.

Good parts- jumping 2’3, release overall better and jumping tiny oxers. The takeaway from the lesson was putting RB’s shoulders where I want them. Amazing how you get your lead when you are straight… The whole lesson was gymnastics which I really enjoy. I’m still using a neck strap and it is really helping me feel where my body should be. I’m still sitting up a bit early but its better.

I was on a mini vacation from July 1st to the 5th. I rode every day! Lots of good schooling rides and hacks. I finally decided not to hack RB on the trails anymore. He just does not enjoy it. He is spooky and tense the whole time and it’s no fun for either of us. We do have two giant fields that he does like hacking in so we will just do that. Why torture him? He’s a hunter princess and trails are not fun for him. I love hacking in the fields so it’s all good. It was a great five days off and I’m sad to be back at work this morning but I’m off Fridays for July and August so I shouldn’t complain right?


Pony also got his toes trimmed. It was apparently very tiring.


My husband’s uncle took this pic in a local grocery store parking lot- so funny



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