Blog Hop – Every day tack set up


I saw a few other bloggers do this hop and I’m excited to do it too. Thanks to Stephanie at Hand Gallop for the great idea. Reading about other people’s tack setups is fun and dangerous. I want all the tack…

Saddle- Prestige Boston. I love my saddle. I’m lucky since it came with RB so it could have been a bad fit for me. It has a forward flap and its super comfy. It fits his high withers well and made me a huge Prestige fan. My leathers are no name brand from the local tack store. They don’t stretch and match my saddle. My stirrups are Jins and I like them. I love the wide foot-bed and how grippy they are.

Girth- Until recently I was riding in an old no-name fleece girth. It’s getting shabby and harder to get clean. I wanted to try something new so I bought a Professional’s Choice Ventech girth. They are really popular right now but RB was not a fan. He made his opinion quite clear. Several boarders at my barn have the Total Saddle Fit AP girths and I was able to try one. RB loved it so I ordered him one. They are anatomical girths and I really feel a difference in RB when I rode him in the TSF girth vs the PC one and the fleece one. It should arrive this week so I will write a review once I have ridden in it a few times.


Bridles- I have 2 Vespucci fancy stitch bridles. One has the contrasting padding and the other is just plain. I LOVE these bridles. The leather is soft and I like how they look on RB.

10690100_10154510789095562_317537576407572706_n 10995930_10155692713455562_4848854957077699778_n

Bits- Flatting- D ring snaffle with a copper lozenge.

Jumping- Hollow mouth French link Pelham.

Saddle Pads- I love Ogilvy baby pads. I have a few I rotate between and my favorite is my black Jump Profile Pad. It has billet loops so it doesn’t slip at all. I also have an Ogilvy half pad and I love it too. It really helps my old guy’s back and is super comfy for me. I have been wanting to try EcoGold because I have heard a lot of good things so that might be my next saddle pad purchase.

Boots- RB wears fleece lined front and hind boots by Valena. They are good, basic boots but lately I have had my eye on the Equi-Fits.

That’s it really. Pretty simple setup. This was a really fun tag to do.


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