Weekend Adventures

This weekend was my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) so we had dinner and cake with my parents on Saturday. I did squeeze in a quick ride on Saturday beforehand. RB was very spooky and distracted but I got him to focus on me by doing lots of 15m circles around jumps and random stuff in the ring. When he was more relaxed we moved on to cantering a pole course that were set up. We did a line in 4 strides and then an exuberant 3 (he LOVES poles) and some single poles on the diagonal. He was getting strong again and spooked at my husband P, who was kind enough to come hang out with us at the barn and was sitting in the same spot he had been in for the last 45 minutes. Sigh. The good thing is it used to bother me when RB got spooky and now I just laugh or get irritated. I realized later that some horses were playing and running on the other side of the arena so he was likely worked up by that. We finished with some calm stretchy trot and he got grass and minties.

Not a great pic but P tried.


I had to pick up some more fly spray and Stud Muffins for his highness and I wanted to try a new girth too. We are currently using a sad, old, fleece, no name girth that came with RB when I bought him. It works fine and he likes it but it no longer washes up nice and I had heard good things about Professionals Choice girths. I happened on a used one for a decent price in RB’s size so I picked it up. Big. Mistake. RB is sensitive and he can be picky about tack. I could feel him kind of sucking back as soon as we walked away from the mounting block. We started just walking around on a loose rein and he wouldn’t walk forward. Trot was the same and he was swishing his tail and giraffing around. He only seemed comfortable in canter but it wasn’t his normal canter, kind of compressed. The only thing different was the girth. Several people at my barn have the Total Saddle Fit girths and one girl was kind enough to volunteer her’s for me to try. I hopped off, did a quick girth swap and we were off again. RB felt a lot better. I think he was still slightly pissed about the other girth but he moved out more normally and we were able to have a good ride. So… I went home and ordered the girth. I will review it here once I have used it. The weather wasn’t bad over the weekend. I’m only working Monday and Tuesday this week and I’m excited for a little 5 day vacay.

Pony treats!

IMG_4620 IMG_4621


3 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. T is super sensitive too. We have been riding with a fleece lined SmartPak girth but I just got a Soft Touch Pro. I can’t wait for your review of the Total Fit. I have been browsing their website lately.

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