Lesson recap and a few random things

Monday’s lesson ended up being a flat lesson because we have had so much rain lately that both our outdoor arenas are flooded. It was ok. We started trotting large and doing 10m circles in each corner and at B and E. To the left went ok but to the right I was struggling to keep RB connected. We moved on to trot serpentines and sat the trot. This went ok but again I need to work more on my sitting trot. To finish up we did canter serpentines with simple changes. It was really hard to get RB back in time to trot on the center line and than the correct bend to pick up the canter all in the smaller indoor. This means I need to work on my aids. RB was a bit strong too so he was pulling a bit and not listening as well as he could be. We did have a really nice serpentine at the end though. All in all a decent lesson with lots of takeaways for work to be done. Flat-work is hard.


Thursday’s lesson was actually pretty good. We did a quick warmup of spirals and smaller circles. I need to be able to move RB’s shoulders better so this helped me really control pace and path and focus was on not picking with my inside rein. We started over a small gymnastic, cross-rail one stride to a small vertical. My position was overall better and the grab strap is a good visual of where to keep my hands. We moved on to a 4 stride line. The first time through RB got excited and we did it in 3. My coach told me to really sit up and hold with my body in the line and we were able to get the 4 nicely a couple times. One time we had a weird chip and I pulled. That was the only time though so improvement right? Then we did a course- up the gymnastic which was now 2’3, down a vertical on the diagonal, up the 4 stride line and down a cross-rail on the other diagonal. I just really focused on pace and position and we had some nice moments. We got our changes too except one where I asked without half halting enough and RB kind of tripped and got mad and bucked. It was kind of funny. I also had a slight wardrobe malfunction. I have been breaking in new boots and not zipping them up all the way. Well the zipper went all the way down and my boot was flapping in the wind… I zipped them up and carried on. I think my boots are almost broken in now so the suffering is over… Why do boots have to hurt so much??

Just a couple things-

I’m sure you have all heard about the devastating fire at Crosby Stables. Miss Red Riding is a boarder there and her blog post has the info on how to help if you can. Please take a look- https://missredriding.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/fire/

A happier thing- Karley at All In is having a contest for her 700th post. Congrats. Check out her blog/contest-  http://dondeestahenry.blogspot.ca/2015/06/700-contest-time.html


5 thoughts on “Lesson recap and a few random things

  1. Tango was dropping strides on Monday too. My trainer told me to same thing. Sit up, grab him, and make him do the strides even if it is ugly. Lol. My boots unzipped during a show earlier this year! I felt it on my 2nd line but it helped me keep my leg on him so I didn’t have a flapper! 🙂

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