Saucy Piaffe Brush Review

For my very first review post on this blog I thought I would write about one of the first things I bought for RB when I got him. Another boarder at my barn had a lovely set of personalized brushes and I of course wanted a set for my pony. The brushes are from Saucy Piaffe- .  They are a Canadian company and they make amazing brushes, stall plates, halter nameplates, signs and other custom items. Their prices are very reasonable for gorgeous, custom, high quality brushes.

I got the Custom Brush Set 2 which are natural bristle brushes. The set includes a dandy, body and face brush. I use them every day and have had them for over a year now and they are still in great shape. I’m not very good about caring for my brushes and I don’t baby them and I haven’t had any issues with bristles falling out. The face brush is so soft! When I got RB he was a bit head shy and the Saucy Piaffe brush was the only one he would let me use on his face. The dandy brush is awesome, just the right stiffness and the body brush is soft and really gets that last bit of dirt off and shines his coat.

You can order really anything you want on the brushes. I did RB’s barn name but you can get your horse’s brand, your name, farm name etc. If you don’t see what you want just inquire about doing a custom order. The set I bought was 56.99 which I think is more than fair for such gorgeous brushes.

If you are looking for a gift for someone (trainer, barn friend) these brushes would be a great choice. Or you can just do what I did and buy them for your horse (ok, really for yourself) for Xmas. Saucy Piaffe is awesome to work with and I can’t recommend them enough. They also do cool stuff like logo and website design and website hosting so check them out for that too!

These are my brushes:

RB with his new brushes.



4 thoughts on “Saucy Piaffe Brush Review

  1. I made my own custom brushes, 2 sets for my trainer for our show boxes, and a set for one of the little girls at my barn. I wish I could post a picture here! It has come in handy because at horse shows chaos happens and I have found them in other grooming boxes. Can’t deny that they are mine! 🙂

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