Day in the Life of a working ammy

I’m not sure what the protocol for Blog Hops are but they look like fun so I wanted to do one. “A Day in the Life” from Fly On Over caught my eye. Feel free to comment below if I have gone off track here or I missed anything that I need to do to make this an official blog hop. I’m still getting used to blogging.

I’m a working adult ammy just like most of us bloggers. I juggle work, family and riding (don’t have much of a social life so no need to worry about that). Here’s what a typical week day looks like for me. I should also mention that my husband, P works in another province so he is only home on the weekends.

6:30 a.m- Randomly wake up. Every day. No idea why. Check my phone and verify it’s not time to get up.
7:30 a.m- Randomly wake up again. Check phone. Realize I have to get up in 15 minutes. Try to make the most out of those 15 minutes by falling back asleep.
7:45 a.m- Alarm goes off. Struggle out of bed and start getting ready for work. I hate mornings.
8:30 a.m- Walk my dog. Wish I could stay home with my dog.
8:45 a.m – Leave for work, grab coffee on the way. I have a very short commute so at least I don’t have to get my butt out of bed any earlier.
9:00 a.m – Start checking emails and reading blogs. Guzzle as much coffee as I can.
9:45 a.m- Harass a coworker into walking to a coffee shop with me for more coffee
10:00 a.m- Start working. Lots of paperwork and conference calls.

Fast forward through the day. No one needs to read about the working day of someone in finance. I have no way to make it interesting. I usually have lunch at 1 and snack throughout the day. If I get hangry my coworkers better watch out. And they know it.

This is pretty much me.

5:00 p.m – Woohoo! Time to leave for my lesson (2 nights a week). I speed home to change.
5:15 – After changing, letting my dog out and making a protein shake in record time I hit the road.
5:22 a.m- Inevitability get stuck behind some sort of slow moving farm machinery.
5:45 p.m –Arrive at the barn, scream RB’s name into the field and hope he comes (he usually does) while I dash into the barn and mix up his feed.
5:50 p.m – Curse under my breath at the amount of mud and pine tree bits that are caked on RB’s butt.
6:10 p.m – Phew, tacked up and ready to go in time with a slightly less than stellar grooming job.
6:15 p.m –Lesson starts. I struggle bus for the first few minutes but once I get going its usually ok.

Lesson crew


7:15 p.m – Lesson over, stuff pony full of treats and hand graze him.
9:00 p.m – Home. Eat some food (usually cereal. I do not cook) and watch some TV/Netflix with my Boston Terrier. Attempt to read a bit but usually fall asleep by 11.

It’s a good life



4 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a working ammy

  1. It would be so nice to live so close to work and the barn. I have a 45 minute commute to work and then 45 minutes past work to the barn (with good traffic). Luckily my mom lives part way to the barn so I can stop and change at her house.

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  2. Love this! I am going to have to learn this Blog Hop thing and post Day in the Life too! My office is 45 minutes (in good traffic) away but I get to work from home twice a week and I am literally walking distance to my barn! I am so lucky because I get to lay on my bed with my dog and look out to window to see his step brother!

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