Weekend adventures

My husband P comes home from his job on Friday nights so I usually spend the evening with him. Depending on the weather I will sometimes run out to the barn for a quick ride after work but it was rainy and cold Friday so I didn’t bother. Saturday was sunny and warm and I rode alone in the large jumping ring. I focused on going FORWARD and making sure RB was really listening to my leg. He was really good so after a few transitions we did some trot and canter poles. I tried to give him a large release over every pole. I finished off the ride with some no stirrup work. I definitely don’t do enough of that and I was hurting. It was nice to ride completely alone and just focus on myself and my horse.

Sunday I rode with my trainer. We are really good friends so we often ride together outside of lessons. It was rainy and a bit colder so we didn’t have any issues with forward. RB was a bit distracted by some jumps that had been moved outside of the arena so I worked on getting him to bend and soften and not spook at the offending purple gate every time we rode by. Then I worked on adjusting his canter which I struggle with. He is quite adjustable when I ride well. We had some angry giraffe moments and some good moments too. I did more no stirrups and 2 point. I’m really sore today which just means I’m not doing enough so goal for the summer is to do no stirrups and 2 point every ride. Sigh. On the plus side I had my lesson tonight in the spooky indoor and I didn’t die! More on that to come.
Cute pony wearing his dinner

IMG_4572 IMG_4574


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