Lesson Recap

My lessons were Monday/Tuesday this week and if you are feeling sleepy at all you might want to skip this post. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you falling asleep at work. I am really on the struggle bus lately so I apologize if this post is whiny too. Monday we did a quick warm up and started over a single vertical about 2’ish with a really long approach. I mangled the distance the first time but managed to jump it ok the next couple of times. I am still not releasing enough although I have stopped pulling to the base so progress right? Right? Sigh. Over smaller fences it doesn’t matter so much but I was not releasing over the bigger ones enough from my last lesson so we are really focusing on it. We moved on to a small course, cross-rail on a circle, 2’ vertical on the long side, smaller vertical on the diagonal and quick inside turn to a cross-rail on the other long side. Nothing too hard. It wasn’t disastrous at all but every time I would think I was folding/releasing enough my coach would say I wasn’t. We got a couple of long spots but nothing scary. It was overall just meh. RB was an excellent boy and does not seem bothered by my apparent inability to jump anymore. We jumped the course 3 times and called it a night. It was kind of a downer lesson.


Tuesday I had my private and right from the start RB was sticky so we worked on getting him forward, He wanted to look at the new flower boxes. I admit I can be a bit slack on making him go forward right away so we worked on his “yes mam” response to my leg. We did canter lengthening/ shortening and tuned him up a little on the flat. Then we started over the same vertical with the long approach as the night before and I really focused on my release/fold. It was better but I am still sitting up too soon on landing so my coach put a 9 foot rail on the other side and told me to not sit up until we were past it. This seemed to work but I was still hovering my hands a bit. I asked her if maybe a neck strap would work. I don’t need it for stability but just as a reminder of what to do with my hands. We tried it and it worked. We jumped the vertical again and I just really focused on hands on the strap and closing my hip more. We jumped a 3 fence bounce too and I only pulled slightly once which is a big thing for me. After that we did a similar course to the night before but we added a skinny vertical on the quarter line and an in and out which my coach put up to 2’3 and jumped around. It was not perfect but it was better. All the jumps were pretty tiny though and I’m sad I have regressed to using a neck strap but if it helps I’m fine with it. RB was an absolute saint and happily jumped around. He got stuffed with Stud Muffins and mints and grass. In July I am switching to 2 privates instead of a group and a private and hopefully that will help. I’m still sad about it because in the winter we were jumping around the indoor and my position/ release were a whole lot better. I’m not sure what happened but my wonderful coach is determined to help me fix it. I’m lucky to have her and RB. Sadly I have decided I will likely not show this summer or if we do it will just be flats. I need to get this issue under control.

This is me right now.



6 thoughts on “Lesson Recap

  1. Don’t get down on yourself. Making the switch from indoor to outdoor riding can be a big adjustment. It took me extra long to make the change this year too. You’ll get back to where you were in no time. Stay positive!

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