Lesson recap.

The bad.
I’m still sore from Monday’s lesson. RB was strong and it took every bit of strength I have to bring him back. We were doing a small course, in and out up the diagonal, small cross-rail on a circle, up a slightly larger cross rail on the outside and then down another cross-rail on the outside. Tiny course for wimpy re-riders. RB seemed to think we were in a jump off at Spruce. As soon as we would land off the in and out he would bolt for the next fence. We ended up doing endless transitions and stopping him in front of the fences.
We had started with a single vertical around 2-2”3 and I could not keep my hands in a decent position. My release was crappy every time and I pulled too much to it once and we demolished the jump. Sigh. Poor RB. It’s my natural reaction to pull instead of give. I need to work on that. Anyone have any tips? I try to think about pushing my hands to his ears but I just don’t seem to get the timing right sometimes. Overall not our best lesson. Sorry for the downer post but I’m feeling a bit defeated. We did get a cute pic after the lesson though.


The good.
Thursday’s private lesson was amazing! I redeemed myself. We started with some trot work over poles and some canter work over 3 canter poles. I will skip over the boring flat-work stuff and get to the jumping. We started over a cross-rail on a circle, first trotting and then cantering it. I was struggling to the left to find a decent spot and kind of just stopped riding a couple times. To the right was better. After that we did a single vertical with a longer approach and worked on path and pace. Amazing when I kept RB straight we got our lead every time. On to gymnastics. We did a one to a one to a one, really focusing on my release. My trainer gradually built up the middle jump to 2’9 and the third to a 2’3 oxer. I actually thought the middle was 2’6 so that was fun. The first time through at the 2’9 height RB backed off a bit and I legged him and he went through but it was kind of awkward. I caught some air haha. My trainer was dying laughing. The next few times were better. I was focusing on giving a giant release but what I feel is giant is not apparently that big… My trainer thinks we need to try an auto release. I have shorter arms and a long torso so she thinks that might be better and let me close my hip angle more. All in all it was a very good lesson. I learned a lot and it was my first time over 2’9. Happy dance!



2 thoughts on “Lesson recap.

  1. Pulling at the base of the jump can be dangerous. I don’t really have any tips… It’s just something that I’ve had to force myself not to do. When you’re heading to a jump stay conscious of it and make your hand stay still. Find the distance on the rhythm you’ve got don’t micromanage to the base.


  2. It’s a really bad habit for sure. I’m a bad micro-manager too. I need to just let go a bit. I feel like Thursday’s lesson was definitely better. It doesn’t happen every jump but it needs to stop. Gymnastics seem to really help. 🙂


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