Horse of a Lifetime

Thanks to Karley at All In for a great idea for a post. She wrote about Henry being her horse of a lifetime and I’m going to write about mine. Maybe it’s a bit too early to stay that RB is my horse of a lifetime since he is my first horse and we haven’t been together 2 years yet but I can’t imagine finding a better match for me. He’s really the perfect partner. He can take a joke, will jump anything I point him at (as long as I remember to actually ride) and never holds a grudge when I make mistakes. His personality is a good match for me too. He’s funny and independent but puts up with me snuggling and babying him. I think he secretly enjoys it. When he sees me he comes over whinnying which hits me right in the feels… I know he probably sees a walking peppermint and just wants to eat and get stuffed with treats I hope he likes seeing me.

RB has a great work ethic. He loves to be ridden and jump and when we are in a lesson we are all business. Even when he’s tired he will still try. He never gives up. He is 19 this year and still gets excited to jump a course (sometimes too excited). He has saved me from my terror of jumping and turned me into a somewhat confident rider. I owe everything to him. He is my horse of a lifetime.


Photo cred to Danique Rowsell


8 thoughts on “Horse of a Lifetime

  1. Very awesome. My bad on my other comment in not reading that you had him a couple years already. It’s so amazing to appreciate a horse like that when you still have them. A real gift!


  2. He sounds a bit like my big guy: experienced but still excited, doesn’t hold a grudge, and will do his part if his rider does theirs. Great for building confidence, and SO MUCH FUN 🙂 Glad you found him!


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