The Pharoah reigns!

Congrats to American Pharoah. As a lifelong horse racing fan I was thrilled to see him win. I was not born yet when the last Triple Crown was won but I have watched all the videos hundreds of times. I started watching horse racing with my Dad when I was 5 or 6 and every year we watch the Triple Crown races. I usually watch the prep races too if I can find them online. This year I watched the Rebel Stakes replay and was very impressed with AP’s run. I also watched the Arkansas Derby and thought there was something special about this horse. He reminded me of Secretariat with his big stride and the way he drew away from the field without looking like he was even trying. I was blabbing on and on about him to my trainer. She’s not a huge racing fan but she humored me. When he won the Derby I was pumped and the Preakness win was even more impressive. I was so nervous for the Belmont. I was sick to my stomach. AP looked so calm and ready. I watched his works in the weeks before and he looked impressive. I really thought he would win and he did not disappoint. Congrats to him and all his connections! I was crying as he was coming down the stretch. What an amazing thing to see.


I am conflicted about the horse racing industry as a whole. I have always loved the sport but the bad side is appalling. I’m glad that more people will be hopefully interested in racing now thanks to the publicity earned by AP. We need to do more to ensure these wonderful horses have a life after their racing career is over. There are lots of great charities you can donate to if you want to help OTTBs. I will definitely be considering one for my next horse when RB is ready to retire. He is out of a TB mare and she did race. I have been trying to find pics of her or info on her racing career but no luck. She raced in Canada so if anyone knows how to find info on Canadian TBs I would love to know.


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