Lesson Recap

I really enjoy reading lesson updates on other blogs so I figured I would write about mine. Don’t expect anything too exciting, lots of tiny jumps and anxiety. 😉  I lesson twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. My Monday lesson is a group jumping lesson with two other riders. My lesson buddies are 11 and 20 years old so I am the oldie in that group. I enjoy riding with them though, they have a good energy. Thursday’s lesson was a semi-private with the only male rider at my barn. He’s very competitive and he motivates me to ride well. He isn’t lessoning for June and July though so I’m doing privates. I’m looking forward to focusing just on me and hopefully improving my eq.

Monday of last week we had 2 cross-rails set on a 4 stride line. We worked on getting the striding and leads going up and then down the line. For some reason jumping downhill has been hard for me. We just recently were able to ride outside after a really long winter so I’m getting used to jumping in our large outdoor again. Our larger outdoor arena slopes slightly downhill, nothing major. It really shouldn’t be causing me the issues that it is but I tried to work on not jumping ahead over the downhill part of the line. It is getting better each lesson. We also worked on changes. RB is great at changes as long as I set him up right which I don’t always do. Then we did a 3 fence bounce. We worked up to a 2’3 oxer as the last fence. I suck at bounces. There is something about seeing that sea of rails in front of me that freaks me out. RB gets hotter the more we jump so the first few times through we were too quick but when I sat up more he came right back. The last time through was pretty darn good.


Good ponies get grass.

Thursday’s lesson was fun. We did the same line as Monday but came in between the 2 fences, jumped one than jumper turned around it to go back down over the second jump in kind of a weird figure 8. I’m not sure that makes sense… It was pretty hard because the turn was sharp and we had to be on the right lead or the whole thing fell apart. As long as my approach was at the correct angle I got the leads. Than we bounced some more. Grrrr freakin bounces will be the death of me. Give me a 1 or 2 stride gymnastic any day. My eq goes out the window in the face of all those bounces. We survived though and did much better than the last time. RB is a jumping machine and the bigger the jumps the more he enjoys it. He is a very fun horse to jump and he does.not.stop. As a kid I rode a dirty stopper so this is huge for me. RB will jump from any terrible distance that I bury him to. He doesn’t usually get mad either. The only thing that makes him buck is if I land too far forward. He’s like “get off my neck woman”! He really has improved my confidence so much and it’s amazing to me that I have gone from being terrified of the lowest of cross-rails to being able to school 2’3 and occasionally 2’6 (ok once or twice but it counts…). Love my pony.


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