Introductions and buying my first horse

Hello everyone! Is anyone actually reading this? To be honest I’m not sure if I am comfortable with strangers reading about my life but I guess the point of a blog is to have readers… Really I just want to keep a record of my riding progress and I thought this would be a fun way to do it. I have never been good with keeping up with a journal so maybe the thought of others reading will motivate me to keep up with this blog. I enjoy reading other equestrian blogs and chatting online with other riders so hopefully you all will enjoy reading this and chatting with me. 🙂 I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world but I will try to post pics as much as I can.

I thought for my first post on this blog I would write about my experience buying my first horse. I had a relatively good experience compared to some of the horror stores I read online so I want people to know that buying a horse doesn’t have to be a super stressful nightmare. I started looking in the spring of 2013. I was leasing an Arab/Morgan/QH mare at the time and she was sassy and sweet and taught me a lot but she wasn’t a great long term fit and my trainer told me was time to look for my own horse. I was nervous and excited. I didn’t have a huge budget but I hoped I could find something suitable. I had wanted a horse since I was maybe 5 so finally getting one at age 29 was a pretty big deal.

As a nervous adult ammy I really wanted something I would feel safe on. I wasn’t picky about age, color or breed. In my heart I wanted a gelding but I was open to the right mare as well. I was hoping to stay under 15 years old. I looked at dozens of ads online and tried only three horses. I tried an Appaloosa mare and a Quarter Horse mare. Both were nice but just not the right matches (a bit too green, especially over fences).

At the end of July my riding buddy spotted an ad for a horse that she thought would be perfect for me. He was a 16 year old, dark bay, Oldenburg gelding. He had a long show career in the Hunters and some Jumpers. He was described as a schoolmaster in the ad. I immediately emailed about him and went to see him 2 days later. He was about a 3 hour drive away in a different province and my trainer was busy the only day I could go but I knew he wouldn’t last long so I convinced a non-horsey friend to come with me to video and off we went. He was just as lovely as his ad. He was patient with me and I really enjoyed trying him. I was super nervous since I had never sat on a horse as nice as him before. He was at a super fancy show barn with a lot of really good riders. I watched the seller’s rider take him around and I hopped on and we walk/trot/cantered around and I was comfortable with him. I showed the videos to my trainer when I got home and she thought he was perfect.

He came home a week later. His previous owner owns a tack store so he didn’t come empty handed. She gave me his saddle, bridle, bit, 2 Ogilvy half pads, 2 Ogilvy baby pads, boots, Rambo winter blankets, treats, rain sheet, passport cover, stall name plate…. I highly recommend buying a horse from someone who owns a tack store 😉 He arrived around midnight on July 31st with all his luggage and the adventure really began. I certainly got lucky with him but it wasn’t an easy adjustment for either of us. I had a lot to learn. Maybe I will write about that in another post if people are interested.


Our first ride at home. Grinning like a 12 year old girl with her first pony.


After one of our first rides.